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Episode 17 – Interview with Lady Gaeira Aggadottir

This episode we interview Lady Gaeira about jewelry and specifically the etching process she uses for crafting medallions.  Below are the links to her FB and website.  The hosts also manage to somehow keep things fairly on track.  Listen all the way to the end for the out take, as Owen hangs up on the …

Episode 3- Why A&S is important to Living History

This episode Penny leads us in a discussion about arts and sciences.  We talk about a live steel group near where Tyler lives.  We also go down many other rabbit trails.  Sorry in advance for some of the audio.  Penny’s internet connection wasn’t the best and so she was cutting out here and there. Also, …

Episode 2- Who Are you?

This week on Out of Time Radio we talk about personas, and what the heck that is.  We also explore why they are important and what they add to the game we play.  Oh, and make sure you listen all the way to the end for an awesome out take!!