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Episode 22: Welcome Back Meanderings

After a hiatus Owen and Tyler finally hammer out a casual show.  We talk 14th century armour, the great art exchange happens live on the show, and lots of other possibly related conversation. Link related to the show.

Episode 20 – Fun With Leather

Tonight both Tyler and Penny are out, so Owen has a guest host join him to talk about leatherworking.  Lucas LePine does a great job filling in and gives us some great info on leather tooling medallions.  Sorry for some of the poor audio quality and echo….it didn’t come through at the time of recording, …

Episode 14: Safety First Kids

After a week off they are back with an above average level of hilarity.  This week we get caught up on all the things we have been up to in the past two weeks.  We debrief from Middleground (yes poptarts are involved).  As well we discuss summer event safety since it is the season. Links …

Episode 12 – Look at the Pretty

Tyler skips out AGAIN, so Penny and Owen muddle through without him.  We talk about how little we medievaled and that one thing that sets off a kit to make it look kickass!  Also, don’t forget to check out both the 100 day pell challenge AND the 100 day A&S challenge!

Episode 11 – Largess and Oddballs

We are finally back in the saddle again after missing last week due to life happening.  This week we talk about largess and unusual personas that we have encountered and how they fit into the SCA.  We also tee up some awesome listener feedback, and Tyler almost dies!